United National Bank announces the largest dividend in its history

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The stockholders of a local bank will once again see their dividend payment grow this year after the recent action of the bank's board of directors.

United National Bank Ex­ecutive Vice President and CFO Jane P. Trulock re­ported this week that the UNB board of directors au­horized the payment of a dividend of $1.90 per share, up from the 2021 dividend of $1.70 last year.

As of May 13, 2022, share­holders of record will be paid the dividend on June 1, 2022, which means $1,529,199.80 in profits from the bank's op­erations in 2021 will filter through the Grady County economy in the coming weeks.

"It is my great pleasure to report that our directors have approved an increase in dividends this year and that our shareholders will be rewarded for their investment and loyalty to the bank. This is the largest dividend payment we have made in our 22-year history; said Trulock.

Of those 22 years, the bank has been able to pay a dividend to shareholders for 19 consecutive years. The bank has paid more than $13,917,815 in dividends to its shareholders since the bank was organized in May 2000.

Bank officials continue to express confidence in the future fiscal performance of the bank as the United States and the world move into the post-COVID economy.

"This bank remains strong and secure because of the support of our deposi­tors and loan customers as well as our dedicated, pro­fessional management and staff," said U.N.B. Chairman of the Board Charles M. Stafford.

When the bank opened on May 26, 2000, it had as­sets of $5 million, and as of the close of business on Dec. 31, 2021, the bank's total as­sets had reached $290,841,000.

"Since the day the bank opened, we have told our shareholders and customers the best thing they can do to make the bank a success is to recommend UNB to their family, friends, and associates. We continue to offer that advice, and it is paying off. The bank continues to outperform our projections, and because of the continued support of our share­holders and the community, 2021 was an outstanding year," Trulock said.

The bank is not only in­vesting in the community but also in technology.

UNB Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Linda Drew Johnson said, we pride ourselves on rein­vesting the dollars our cus­tomers deposit with us right back into the local economy, local organizations, and community projects. Over the last 22 years, we have also invested in the newest, cutting-edge technology to ensure we offer our cus­tomers the finest in financial services."

The bank will host its annual shareholder's meeting at the bank on Thursday, June 23, 2022.


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