Grady County Scam Alert

From The Cairo Messenger, Dec. 16 @ 11:30 a.m.

Scammers are not only preying on senior citizens, but local bankers report that scams directed at those who obtained college loans are also targets of these rogues. And, it is local people right here in Grady County who have fallen prey to the schemes. One Grady County victim this week was involved in a scam with claims of big prize money and luxury automobiles allegedly from Publisher's Clearing House. Local bankers say you would never have to send money to any organization to recieve a prize or gift. College graduates and those who obtained college loans are being contacted by scammers concerning alleged past due or unpaid balances on a student loan. Local bankers strongly recommend that no personal information be shared over the phone no matter how legitimate it may sound. This scheme is an attempt to obtain your personal information, which could be used in other harmful ways by the wrongdoers. If you have questions or concerns contact your local bank and they will be happy to answer questions and offer guidance.